Sticks & Stones - Free Responsive Wordpress Template

Sticks & Stones - Free Responsive Wordpress Template

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Sticks & Stones is a free Wordpress Template. The finished product is clean, monochrome and minimal. It is also responsive. I don't mean that it has a single fixed width desktop version and a mobile version like some so-called responsive themes that I tried out. I mean that it resizes columns as you shrink your window, as a screen gets smaller the layout shifts thus rearranging elements more appropriately for smaller viewing scenarios. I'm not an expert in responsive design, but I love it and it's the primary way in which I think about new website designs nowadays. It takes a lot for me to say I'm proud of my own work, and like many creatives I am brilliant when it comes to self depreciation. But I was proud of my theme and of the work I'd put into it - the list of new things I discovered during the process is a pretty long one!

You can download it for free from here.


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Sticks and Stones - wordpress template preview Sticks and Stones - wordpress template preview