Cross Platform Mobile App Development

At Tipsy & Tumbler we are big supporters of cross platform tools for mobile development, particularly when it comes to developing apps in Appcelerator Titanium Mobile. With the CEO and Technical Lead, Boydlee, having written two books on the subject and numerous other online articles, we are the company with its foot firmly in the door when it comes to developing mobile applications using cross platform native and hybrid apps. We've built applications for industries such as Insurance, Media and Television, Healthcare, Education and more, from the smallest startup through to multi-million dollar international companies.

So why should your next app be a cross platform one?

• Feel and active like native, using native components,
• Reduce costs and complexity,
• Reduce maintenance costs, developer training and utilise existing skillsets, and
• Target multiple platforms using the same codebase and same toolchain.

To learn more about the kinds of cross platform applications we've built, and how cross platform development can be the right fit for your new mobile app, contact us today.


We like to get involved with the wider tech community to give back. We provide sponsorship for local meetups focusing on women in tech, and we're involved in getting young people interested in code. As well as this we also run our own conferences across the world with a strong community focus. this year we'll be going to Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Bangalore and more.

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