Torque Racing finds success at the National Finals

Torque Racing finds success at the National Finals

October 14, 2015

After the excellent results from the regional finals in February, Torque Racing travelled back to Birmingham in March for the F1 in Schools final.

Over two days, the team had to deliver a verbal presentation to the judges, while their pit display, portfolio and quality of engineering were thoroughly examined. The pressure was on; the result received in each of these elements contributed to how well the team did in the racing portion of the competition. After several heats involving 26 other teams, Torque Racing achieved the 7th fastest time, which gave them a fantastic chance in the overall competition.

The end of the second day saw the competition draw to a close, and the judges announced the winners of the various awards. Not only were Torque Racing awarded the Team Identity award for being the friendliest team and having the best pit display, they were also awarded 5th place out of over a thousand teams! This was a brilliant result after all the effort each team member had put in over the months.

We are extremely proud of the work and dedication Torque Racing, and delighted to have played a part in it. We look forward to supporting them through F1 in Schools 2016!