The SyncDevelopHER Awards 2015

The SyncDevelopHER Awards 2015

December 2nd, 2015

25th November saw the first SyncDevelopHER Awards come to Norwich. SyncDevelopHER was founded by Vickie Allen in 2013. Since then, it has grown into a powerful community of women and men that work to empower women in the East Anglian tech industry. The DevelopHER Awards were set up to not only promote women working within the industry but to celebrate their achievements. A total of 12 awards, with categories ranging from marketing to testing, meant that no element of working in tech was overlooked.

The awards took place at the Kings Centre in Norwich city centre. Following the sophisticated wine reception, we were offered a fantastic buffet, which included a chocolate fountain and a popcorn machine, obviously a very popular choice among the attendee's. The awards ceremony then started with an introduction by Vickie and Natalie Davies from Inspired Women, the partner sponsor of the event. An inspiring keynote speech was then given by Paula Thomsen, Head of Quality Assurance in Aviva. She described the journey her career path followed and how she managed to finally achieve balance in her personal and professional life.

Finally, the time came to announce the winners of the evening. Over 100 women had been nominated in the months running up to the event. This number was whittled down by specially selected judges who all work within the industry, including Hannah Tometzki our Creative Director. They were given the nominations anonymously and asked to select who they felt most deserved the award, based on the testaments of the individuals who nominated them. We were very honoured to be able to sponsor the Apprentice category, which was then awarded to Roisin Delaney. Other winners included Emma Lane, Lisa Price, Sofia Price, Rachel Canham, Hazel Cottrell, Sarah Fuke, Stacy Talbot, Hayley Fraser-Webb, Alice Rose and Stella James.

Overall it was a great evening with amazingly talented company. Tipsy & Tumbler are proud to be a sponsor of SyncDevelopHER, and will continue to support this ever-growing community as they work to break down barriers in the tech industry.

To get involved, you can follow SyncDevelopHER on Twitter or for more information visit the website.