tiConf 2015 and Beyond

tiConf 2015 and Beyond

February 18, 2015

The past couple of years with tiConf has been a great success - we have run 8 events in almost every continent and had attendees stretching from Australia, to Singapore to New York, India and beyond. It really has been a remarkable way for everyone involved in the Titanium community to come together and share their knowledge, make friendships, and have a great time in a great location. For all the hard work, worry and organisation required, I have certainly enjoyed it, and I hope everyone over the past couple of years has too. Unfortunately though my time is limited and the effort and cost required each year to put on such events has become a little too much for our little company, Tipsy & Tumbler, to bear alone.

Following on from the success of tiConf Bangladesh, I have decided to open up the hosting of tiConf events to those individuals or companies who would like to, and are capable of, hosting in their home cities. Tipsy & Tumbler will continue to host and cover costs for the website, mobile apps, email marketing, Vimeo and other social networking accounts we use to keep tiConf related information flowing and freely available to all, however the organisation and logistics of each event are, we believe, better left to local people and organisations. We can also provide support in the form of sponsorships, marketing and general guidance wherever needed. As a guideline, we will be looking for local partners for events in the following regions:

  • • tiConf EU
  • • tiConf US
  • • tiConf Sth America
  • • tiConf Asia
  • • tiConf - Wherever you are

If you are interested in hosting a tiConf event this year, please get in touch with me via info@ticonf.org.

Thanks to everyone who attended a tiConf even these last couple of years and made it all such a great success.
~ Boydlee