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Push It Real Good

November 11, 2013

They may seem simple but push notifications, when done right, can revitalise your app and keep your users coming back for more.

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Choosing An MBaaS Solution

October 15, 2013

In this short article we'll go through some of the pros and cons of MBaaS and what to bear in mind when shopping around for a solution.

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A Three Pipe Problem

September 27, 2013

Job getting you down? Take a minute. Take an hour. Doing nothing may just be the most productive time you'll spend all day.

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Working In Bangalore, India

September 12, 2013

My experiences so far working in Bangalore, India on a two-week long contract. Be forewarned! This may contain many photos of curries.

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What is "Native"?

April 25, 2013

When it comes to building software today, just what is "native" anyway? You might be surprised.

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Appcelerator Titanium Cookbook - Errata & Explanations

January 1, 2012

Here are all the comments and responses to the errata for my original "Appcelerator Titanium Smartphone Development Cookbook". I'll try to clean these up when I have the time.

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