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We are a UK based team building amazing digital solutions. We specialise in cross platform mobile apps, Appcelerator Titanium, responsive web development, identity, branding, UX and complete digital solutions.

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Torque Racing Regionals

We are proud to announce that Torque Racing had a very successful day at the F1 in Schools regional finals in Birmingham.

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DPM:UK 2015

Having worked for Tipsy & Tumbler as a Project Manager for the past nine months, the Digital Project Management Conference (DPM) was the perfect opportunity to gain valuable insight into how other companies manage their own projects in the industry.

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Tipsy & Tumbler Sponsors CircusStarr

This week we were offered the amazing opportunity to donate to Circus Starr. As a company that is regularly trying to give back to our local surroundings, we were more than happy to become a sponsor for this great cause.

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tiConf 2015 and Beyond

An invitation and message of thanks for tiConf 2015 and beyond.

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Digital World 2015 - Dhaka, Bangladesh

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the summit in Dhaka, Bangladesh. My good friend Mohammad Zaman had wanted to take tiConf on the road to Bangladesh for some time and coupling it to the Digital World event seemed like a perfect way to bring Titanium and mobile focused talks to the budding developers of Dhaka and beyond.

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Installing Titanium Studio on OSX Mavericks 10.9

Recently I got a new Macbook Air, which comes pre-loaded with OSX Mavericks 10.9, but had a lot of issues getting Titanium Studio/Appcelerator Studio up and running. This is a list of items to check and helpful hints to fix any issues you may also encounter.

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Getting to know Statamic

A new generation of CMSs have entered the digital age, bringing dynamic, flat-file system, leaving their databases behind. Here’s a brief look into Statamic and how it works.

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Creating Laravel Dev Project [The Easy Way]

In this article Zaher shows you how to switch over from old-school LAMP/MAMP stacks and start using Vagrant instead, in this case, a Vagrant server running Laravel PHP.

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Using a Redis Server as your Laravel Cache Storage

In this article Zaher shows you how to use a redis server to act as a caching mechanism for your Laravel PHP projects and websites.

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